Afghan refugee: Taliban treating crowds at airport like animals

A young Afghan woman has told the BBC that Taliban forces at Kabul airport are treating the crowds of waiting civilians “like animals”.

Fatima (not her real name) is now on a flight out of Afghanistan. She recalled the extreme difficulties she and her family had faced in reaching the airport.

“Today after three days I finally got into the airport and I have my flight. It took us 18 hours to get through one of the gates and we were moved through several areas with a lot of restrictions.

“The airport is completely surrounded by Taliban forces and they’re being as brutal as they can to the people. They’re shooting at people, they’re beating people,” Fatima said.

She added: “I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I’m travelling to a safer country – anything right now is better than being in a country led by the Taliban. On the other, I’m leaving behind everything – my life, my work, my dreams, my hopes for the future. I really desperately want to one day come back to Kabul and see Kabul free of the Taliban and free of all restrictions.”

Yesterday, a Taliban spokesperson told the BBC that Afghan citizens would only be allowed to enter the airport if they held valid visas.

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