Atrocities in Tigray, Ethiopia Statement

Australia welcomes the joint inquiry into the Tigray conflict announced by the UN Office for the High Commissioner of Human Rights and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s 26 March announcement that Eritrea will withdraw troops from the Ethiopian border is also an important step. However, we continue to urge the Ethiopian Government to bring all perpetrators to account and end the violence.

Australia expresses its grave concerns of reported egregious human rights atrocities in Tigray, such as systemic sexual and gender-based violence, including through the Human Rights Council.

Australia also strongly supports the joint statement of United Nations agency heads on 22 March condemning all sexual violence and pressing for action to bring perpetrators to justice where abuses occur.

Australia will provide $3 million to the World Food Program to help meet the needs of those most vulnerable. We join calls for immediate and open humanitarian access to the region.

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