Bodies in Sudan river are from Tigray – witness

A doctor in Sudan has told the BBC that at least some of the unidentified bodies found on a Sudanese riverbank are from the neighbouring Ethiopian region of Tigray.

Tigrayan rebel forces and the Ethiopian army and its allies have been fighting there for the past nine months.

The bodies’ identities have not been independently verified by the BBC.

Reports say around 30 corpses have been pulled from the river in the past few days, many with deadly wounds.

Dr Tewodros Tefera says that since Monday he has seen 10 bodies pulled from Sudan’s Setit river, known in neighbouring Ethiopia as the Tekeze.

He says Sudanese police have retrieved a total of 28 corpses from the water over the past few days, both male and female, with gunshot and stab wounds, and their hands tied behind their backs.

He said one of the bodies had a tattoo of a common Tigrinya name, while others were recognised by Tigrayan refugees who had fled to Sudan from the Ethiopian border city of Humera, where there has been increasing reports of ethnic violence.

The Ethiopian government has said on Twitter that “propagandists” were spreading fake reports about a possible massacre in Humera.

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