Equatorial Guinea soldiers charged over blasts

Two soldiers in Equatorial Guinea have been charged with homicide and negligence in a military court following explosions in March at a munitions depot in Bata city that left 107 people dead and 615 injured.

The stockpile of explosives at Nkoantoma military base was accidentally detonated, flattening buildings inside the barracks and destroying people’s homes in the surrounding area.

Prosecutors are seeking a sentence of 30 years for a lieutenant colonel and 70 years for a corporal who have been charged.

Meanwhile, a compensation commission set up after the blasts has ordered that DNA tests be carried out immediately on unrecognisable bodies.

It said funds for the relatives of the 86 victims who have been identified would be released soon.

The government also plans to pay for prosthetic limbs for those that need them in the wake of the blasts.

This work will be carried out next month, when the compensation committee meets again.

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