Ethiopian army chief accuses unnamed ‘third parties’ of working to stain relations with Sudan

Ethiopia’s army chief General Berhanu Jula Gelalcha has accused unnamed third party entities of working hard to stains its relations with neighboring Sudan over escalating tensions over border dispute with the semi-Arab country.
The remarks by the top army officer came after Sudan said Ethiopian war planes ‘illegally’ entered Sudanese airspace in violation of international laws.

Speaking to the VOA on Friday, General Gelalcha denied the accusations and instead accused unnamed entities of working to stain relations with Sudan saying the Ethiopian government does not seek to go into war with Sudan.

“If we go to war, it will be done openly, not secretly,” General Gelalcha said. “There are people who want us to make the wrong decision and fall into their trap.”

The top Ethiopian army general further downplayed the attacks against Sudanese army saying it “shouldn’t be viewed as if Ethiopia want to go to war with Sudan” because those attacks are not new and there is nothing special about them that could drag the country to war with Sudan now.

“The group is working to mislead the people of Sudan and Ethiopia,” he adds.

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