Ethiopian gov’t debunks as ‘fake’ reports claiming PM Abiy is ‘shot’ and in critical condition

The Ethiopian government has debunked as fake reports that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been flown to Italy in Europe for medical attention after he was reported shot or poisoned in Addis Ababa without evidence.

Earlier on Sunday, prominent Ethiopian activist Seyoum Teshome shared a social media Facebook post that claimed that Prime Minister Abiy was flown to Europe for an apparent injury that he falsely incurred after he was shot.

The same post also claimed that the prime minister might have been poisoned.

“@AbiyAhmed [is] flown to Europe by [a] UAE jet for undisclosed medical attention in Italy, some sources claim. Speculation is rife that he has been poisoned/shot though unconfirmed,” the post originating from Twitter said.

However, in a brief Facebook statement, Abiy’s office denied the claims and warned the Ethiopian public to be vigilant on the news that were making headlines on social media on the rumored death of the prime minister.

“We ask members of the public to be vigilant about fake news circulating about Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s well being on social media,” the prime minister’s office said in the brief Facebook statement that has been now widely shared on social media.

Abiy has been making public visits and statements since he took over the office in 2018. But has not been seen in public in recent days even visiting British Foreign Minister hasn’t meet him and this has sparked fears that he might be sick or in trouble.

The Ethiopian leader has been normally active on social media, he regularly shares updates about the government activities on social media, but in recent week he has been silence which has become a matter of concerns to his supporters.

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