Fake Covid vaccine injectors arrested in Uganda

Two people have been arrested in Uganda for giving out fake Covid-19 vaccines. One more is on the run.

It is believed that they may have injected up to 800 workers at private companies that had arranged vaccinations for their staff.

They were charging between 100,000 Ugandan shillings ($28, £20) and 200,000 Ugandan shillings per jab.

State House’s Health Monitoring Unit (HMU) says it received a tip-off via local leaders that the two were travelling around some neighbourhoods of the capital, Kampala, claiming to be hospital healthcare workers.

HMU’s Dr Warren Namara said that it was not yet clear what was in the fake jabs, but his team was testing the fluid.

Covid-19 vaccines in Uganda are officially free, and available at designated public and private vaccination centres.

More than 856,000 people have so far been vaccinated.

The country is battling a second wave of coronavirus, with an increase in severe infections and deaths.

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