Gambia report into Jammeh-era abuses set to be handed over

The Gambia’s final report of a probe into alleged human rights violations during the 22-year iron-fist rule of former President Yayha Jammeh is set to be handed to the government today.

The release had previously been delayed because some sections had not been completed.

The country’s Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission says it will submit the report to President Adama Barrow.

The president has one month to study the text and then submit copies to the National Assembly, the UN Secretary General and make a summary of it public.

The president is also expected to issue a detailed outline of how the government plans to implement the recommendations of the findings within six months.

Nearly 400 witnesses gave chilling accounts of alleged state-sponsored torture, rape, and enforced disappearances.

About 50 West African migrants were also alleged to have been killed by a notorious death squad known as the Junglers who received direct orders from former President Jammeh, and it’s likely he could be recommended for prosecution.

But with just about 10 days to the first post-Jammeh presidential election, it’s certain that justice for victims of human rights violations will be one of the main campaign issues.

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