Internet cut in Chad and French flags burned

The N’Djamena sky this morning was filled with smoke as protesters burnt tyres and French flags.

Their rallying cry is the dissolution of the transitional military council.

They are also calling for an inclusive dialogue that should result in free, fair and transparent elections.

The military junta has opted to use force.

Several people said they saw riot police and elements of the presidential guard in the neighbourhoods. They entered houses in search of possible demonstrators.

The internet has also been cut off to limit the flow of information.

The rising tensions amplify fears that Chad could descend irretrievably into chaos.

The country is also facing a rebel incursion to the north, with rebel group, the Front for Alternation and Concord in Chad fighting to overthrow the military junta.

The rebels recently offered to dialogue, an offer rejected by the ruling military council.

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