Kenya president urges world to invest in education

At a global education summit in London hosted by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, governments, businesses and philanthropists are being asked to invest in the future of children by raising more than $5bn (£3.5bn).

This comes at a time when charities have criticised the British government’s decision to make significant aid cuts around the world.

A boost to education is especially urgent given the impact of the coronavirus.

The pandemic has caused the greatest disruption to education in a generation.

In wealthier countries with broadband and computers available, some virtual learning has continued.

But for many young students in rural Nigeria or Zambia for example, school closures have been far more harmful – especially for girls who are less likely to ever return to the classroom.

Even before the pandemic more than a 130 million girls across the world were out of school.

At this summit in London billions of dollars will be raised to help transform education in dozens of countries.

World leaders will be asked to commit a fifth of their national budgets to education.

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