Kenyan man bitten by a snake ‘from the sky’

A driver in Kenya’s Kitui county was admitted to a hospital following a bizarre incident in which he says a snake fell from the sky and bit him.

David Musyoka told state broadcaster KBC that an eagle dropped the snake on top of his car as he was driving.

He said the snake slithered in through the window and bit him on his hand.

His screams alerted local residents who killed the snake, he said. But as they were thinking of what to do with the dead reptile, the eagle returned and swooped down upon the snake and and flew away with it.

He told KBC that he was fine, though the strange incident has left people talking and referring to the snake “as a devil”.

A discharge note captured by the broadcaster showed that Mr Musyoka, 39, was admitted to the Mwingi Level IV Hospital’s surgical ward on Monday, with the discharge date noted as 2 June.

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