Kenyans holding out for ‘better’ second jab warned

About 100,000 Kenyans have not yet received a second dose of the Covid vaccine and many are thought to be holding out for the arrival of other vaccines perceived to be more effective.

The head of Kenya’s vaccine task force warns that many Kenyans risk becoming severely ill with Covid-19, if they delay receiving their second jabs.

The task force says the country will not mix and match any of the vaccines available, as there is limited data on how effective it would be.

Until recently, AstraZeneca has been the only vaccine available in Kenya. However, shipments of Moderna have already arrived, and Pfizer and other vaccines are on the way.

But the task force is clear that no-one will be allowed to choose the vaccine they receive.

It is asking people to dismiss the notion that some vaccines are better than others.

Out of the two million Kenyans who have been vaccinated, less than 50% are fully jabbed. The country has received 3.6 million vaccines to date.

Kenya is currently experiencing a spike in coronavirus cases. This is partly blamed on politicians holding rallies despite a ban on political gatherings, as well as the widespread circulation of the Delta variant, according to the health minister.

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