Museveni: Vaccine inequality is Africa’s wake-up call

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has called out “vaccine selfishness” in the world but said it will “wake up” Africans to be self-sufficient.

President Museveni said Africa needs the raw materials to produce its own Covid vaccines rather than donations from the developed nations.

“Africans are a disgrace to ourselves. Why do we have to depend on the outside for everything. This is a big shame for Africa,” he told delegates attending the World Health Summit on Sunday.

Mr Museveni said countries across the continent need to stop waiting for vaccine donations and manufacture them locally.

“This selfishness in the world is bad, but is good. I like it because it wakes up Africans. It a shame the whole of the African continent is just asleep, waiting to be saved by others like it happened during the slave trade,” he said.

The president said Uganda was in the process of making its own Covid vaccine and only needed help with some raw materials saying: “Don’t worry we shall buy them. We don’t need donations.”

The African Union has been calling for a Covid vaccine patent waiver to allow the continent to make its own vaccines as a shortage continues in different countries.

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