The opposition party National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) has issued a statement expressing its condolences on the passing of former Amhara region police commissioner Abere Adamu and cautioned cautioned authorities “to investigate and make public” the cause of the death the party also urged the Amhara communities to stay away from controversial conspiracy theories until the facts are made public.

Highlighting on the necessity of the call it made, NaMA said due to the nature of the work the late commissioner held as well as “rampant and controversial political analyses” related to his work, the Ethiopian public in general and the Amhara people in particular need to know the exact circumstances of the death of former Commissioner Abere; “they also have the right to know,” NaMA said.

“Accordingly NaMA cautions relevant government authorities to immediately announce to the public the exact reason of the Commissioner’s passing.”

On the other hand, quoting the attendant physician Dr. Habtamu Yeneabat at Dream Care General Hospital in Bahir Dar, the capital of Amhara region, the Ethiopian Press Agency reported that the late commissioner died of complications related to “heart muscle.”

The report further said that Commissioner Abere was rushed to the emergency unit of the hospital this morning after it was known that he has the symptoms of the illness.

 His medical examination show that he was diagnosed with “myocardial infarction,”a medical terminology used to describe the commonly known term “heart attack.”

The physician was also quoted as saying Commissioner Abere was repeatedly going in and out of consciousnesses, a sign, he said, that showed the severity of his case. The Commissioner was then referred to Tibebe Ghion Hospital of Bahir Dar University where there was an ICU. 

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