New Guinean prime minister calls for unity

Guniea’s new Prime Minister Mohamed Beavogui has called for unity to ensure a smooth transition to civilian rule.

Mr Beavogui told journalists in the capital, Conakry, that his administration “will be a government with a specific mission”.

“We will be honest about what we can do and what we must do. What is important, once again, is to build the foundations for change,” he said.

As prime minister, Mr Beavogui will oversee the transition of the country to civilian rule following the overthrow of Alpha Conde’s government on 5 September by the Mamadi Doumbouya-led military junta, the National Rally and Development Committee.

He has no previous governmental experience but is an expert in agricultural finance and spent a large part of his career in international organisations such as the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development and the African Union.

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