On 10% of aid reaching war-hit Tigray – UN

The UN’s humanitarian chief has said areas hit by Ethiopia’s civil war are getting just 10% of the aid they need.

Martin Griffiths blamed this on what he described as a “de facto blockade”.

He called on the Ethiopian government to allow the movement of aid convoys to the war-hit Tigray region, where, according to the UN, hundreds of thousands are in famine-like conditions.

Authorities in Addis Ababa have denied responsibility for blocking supplies.

There has been a significant decrease in the arrival of aid – including food, fuel and cash – and a marked deterioration in the humanitarian situation since the recapture of the Tigray region by rebels three months ago.

Mr Griffiths said the famine facing the region is “man-made” and that government actions can solve it.

Addis Ababa says rebel forces are to blame, accusing them of deliberately spreading the fighting along aid corridors and seizing deliveries.

Thousands are believed to have been killed in the 11-month war, causing a massive humanitarian crisis.

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