Poland ends flights as European operations near end

The Polish government says it has stopped flights from Kabul, after completing a mission to bring out all Poles and Afghans who helped its embassy and military.

“We can no longer risk the lives of our diplomats, our military,” says Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz. Two planes are currently on their way back to Poland and some 800 Afghans are thought to have been evacuated overall.

France has said it’s very likely that its evacuations will end tomorrow and Hungary expects its operation to bring out Afghans is nearly over too. “The exact timing will be announced by the commander of the army, which may happen as soon as today,” says Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto.

Spanish military flights are continuing meanwhile and the government in Madrid says it is going to carry on for the moment, having expanded its list to Afghan women and girls in positions that are considered vulnerable. This Spanish defence ministry post shows Afghans being airlifted from Kabul to Dubai.

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