Protesters march through ByWard Market in support of Tigray

Ethiopia’s federal government recently declared an immediate humanitarian truce in the war that has been going on for more than a year. The pause in the fighting was deemed necessary to get badly needed supplies into the region. 

Dozens of protesters took to the street in Ottawa”s By ward market this afternoon to show their support for the people living in the Tigray region. . Even the World Health Organization has said nowhere on Earth are people more at risk than Tigray,” Azeb Gebrehiwot, one of the organizers of the protest said. A convoy of food aid trucks entered the Tigray region Friday, the first humanitarian convoy to do so since Dec. 14.

The UN estimates 90 per cent of Tigray’s six million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

The trucks that arrived Friday were carrying more than 500 metric tons of supplies.

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