Ranger feted for 29km trek to hunt poachers

A ranger from Mozambique’s Niassa special reserve has been awarded a prize for walking for 29km (18 miles) in pursuit of poachers.

Antonio Soze Fombe, 35, was part of a group of rangers that trekked in the operation without food.

He has been a ranger for 14 years and was recognised for always being “motivated and available for most risky patrol missions”, according to the country’s National Administration of Conservation Areas.

He has deactivated traps laid by poachers and arrested some during his eight years at the Niassa special reserve.

Officials described Mr Fombe as “righteous, hard-fought, courageous, and determined,”

He was awarded by the Dr Carlos Lopes Pereira’s Fund.

The fund was launched in 2020 after the patron was awarded the Prince William’s Award for Conservation in Africa worth £50,000 ($68,000), aimed at celebrating outstanding rangers.

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