East Africa entrepreneurs share stories of innovation for good.

Four entrepreneurs share their stories of how they are leading innovative businesses that are striving to create positive change in the region. 

Margaret said: “I had been working in the infertility space for more than ten years, which is very stigmatized in Africa and people who struggle to have children are often ignored in our health system.  
“By meeting many people experiencing this, including friends and family, it made me realize there’s a gap here to address.  
“When COVID came and we went into lockdown, people were more open to engaging virtually and so the stars aligned for us. 

Imperial has a growing network of alumni in East Africa, where innovation has been accelerating in the last few decades.

Margaret explained that the aim for MedAtlas is to transition into more specialist conditions which can be supported virtually, including mental health, and cancers. MetAtlas will connect patients to specialists all over the world and the majority of consultations happen via WhatsApp. Now we have clinicians in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Zambia, and depending on where the patient is we connect them with a clinician.

Margaret said: “Our innovation is to bring clinicians online so that patients that need them don’t have to go through so many channels to access them. When we launched our fertility pilot in Uganda, our patients came from all over Africa.

“Clinicians who have left the region and are now working abroad but want to give back to Africa can come online and provide consultations to patients here in Africa.” 


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