South Sudan gets vaccines after running out in July

South Sudan has received 59,520 doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca Covid vaccine from the global Covax facility.

This is after the country ran out of doses in July.

South Sudan had in March received 132,000 doses of the vaccine but due to a slow rollout it returned 72,000 doses to Covax – which were used in neighbouring Kenya.

The country had immunised more than 50,000 people, most of whom are still waiting for their second dose.

They will now have a chance to get the second dose to be fully immunised and others will get their first jab, the World Health Organization South Sudan representative said.

“All the logistics have been done – all the shipment mechanisms of these vaccines to states have been done and tomorrow actually people will start getting their doses,” Fabian Ndezako told the BBC on Tuesday.

He expressed confidence that South Sudan would exhaust all the jabs this time as they were more ready.

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