Suspects in Uganda minister shooting shown on CCTV

Police in Uganda have released street camera footage of two men believed to be behind Tuesday’s assassination attempt on the country’s transport minister.

General Katumba Wamala’s vehicle was sprayed with bullets by gunmen on motorcycles, killing his daughter and driver. The minister was injured.

It is thought he had been followed by the attackers for some distance before Tuesday’s attack.

The CCTV footage shows four men on two motorbikes. One of them is wearing a blue-stripped T-shirt.

One of the bikes makes a U-turn not far from the scene of the attack, before disappearing into a petrol station.

None of their faces are clearly identifiable.

A joint police, army and military intelligence team is investigating the shooting.

The army says it is looking into phone calls that seem to have been made to plan the attempted assassination.

Uganda has seen a number of such attacks on high-profile figures over the last few years. The intelligence services have never solved any of the cases.

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