The Maasai TikTokers wowing Bollywood fans

Wearing their traditional Maasai dress and surrounded by cows, Tanzania’s newest TikTok sensations, siblings Kili and Neema Paul, get ready to record their latest video.

A smartphone is set up on a tripod a few metres from their home in Mindu Tulieni, a small village in the eastern Pwani region.

The nearest town, Lugoba, is an hour away by foot. With no electricity in the village, Kili visits the town every day to charge his phone.

Positioning themselves in front of the camera, Kili, 26, stands just behind his 23-year-old sister Neema.

Once the music begins, the siblings take it in turn to lip sync perfectly in Hindi and dance to some of Bollywood’s most popular songs.

Over the past few months, their lip-syncing videos have become a viral sensation across India.

Their most popular video, a performance of Raataan Lambiyan from this year’s Bollywood film Shershaah, reached more than one million views within a few days.

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