Twitter boss posts Nigerian flag as protests held

In an enigmatic message, Twitter boss Jack Dorsey has tweeted three Nigerian flags with no other comment.

Local media have interpreted the message as showing support for Saturday’s protests against poor governance and the suspension of the microblogging platform.

Mr Dorsey’s tweet attracted comments from Nigerians who are using virtual private networks (VPNs) to access the app.

Twitter is in discussions with the Nigerian government after it was banned in the country on 4 June.

The ban came after the app deleted President Mohammadu Buhari’s tweet but the presidency said the ban was not connected with that action.

Mr Dorsey has attracted the ire of the authorities in the past when he appeared to back last year’s #EndSARS protests against police brutality.

Nigerians on Saturday took to the streets to demonstrate over what they see as poor governance, lack of democracy and the Twitter ban.

Police fired teargas at the protesters and several were arrested, according to local media.

In his speech on Saturday, to mark Democracy Day in the country, the president admitted that he has failed to end insecurity in the country, a promise he made when he was elected in 2015.

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