Uganda denies role in Kenya deputy president’s trip

Uganda’s foreign ministry has denied having a record of Kenya deputy president’s aborted trip to the country.

Minister Okello Oryem said his office did not receive any request to provide protocol services to the deputy president William Ruto.

He said he was not informed of the trip.

Mr Ruto had said he was to visit Uganda for private matters.

He had in the past visited the country and pictured with President Yoweri Museveni commissioning a project.

Mr Ruto was on Monday stopped from flying out and immigration officials said he needed clearance from the president, he has since dismissed that requirement saying he has travelled out of the country in the past.

He blamed the matter on “supremacy fights in the ranks” of the ruling party.

Uganda’s minister Oryem said the country doesn’t interfere in the internal affairs of any country whatsoever.

“We have no authority, we have no power over Kenyan government, they have their own reasons why they prevented Ruto from coming to Uganda…and that should be channelled to the Kenyan High Commission,” he said.

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