Ugandans cheer on Daniel Kaluuya after Oscar win

Ugandans online have cheered on British actor Daniel Kaluuya who is of Ugandan origin after he won an Oscar.

Mr Kaluuya won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Judas and the Black Messiah.

In his speech he thanked all his fans from London and Kampala.

His Ugandan mother who was in the audience was also credited for her contribution in his career.

Mr Kaluuya’s final words of how incredible it was that his parents had sex and had him made his mother and sister blush:

During the press interviews he said he would avoid picking up his phone for a while but quickly added that his mother had a sense of humour.

Ugandans have congratulated him for his win:

“Congratulations Kaluuya. You are always proud of your motherland and your motherland is proud of you!” Marcella Karekye tweeted.

“Daniel Kaluuya has us Ugandans another Oscar. Its really a good morning alhamdulillah,” Kabaka Chosen wrote.

“Kampala, Uganda got a shout out at the Oscars. Thank you for repping the village, Daniel Kaluuya. So proud of you. We Out Here,” Colonel tweeted

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