UK, Kenya travel restrictions to disrupt cargo transport, trade

Cargo transportation between the UK and Kenya may be disrupted by up to a week from April 9 as the two countries seek an amicable solution on the admittance of crew on their respective soils.

Last week, both countries suspended passenger flights to each other’s territories in tit-for-tat decisions over lack of uniform controls on Covid-19.

The UK was the first, on April 2 when it banned travellers from Kenya, except UK nationals, effective April 9. London argued that Kenya’s Covid-19 certifications for travellers have been faulty, with nearly 30 per cent of weekly 550 arrivals testing positive a day after arriving. Most of them had the South African variant of Covid-19, UK argued.

Kenya responded by banning flights and demanding that cargo flight crew must show vaccination certificates and a negative test result for admission. The problem is, neither side has an agreeable design of a vaccine certificate and what details it should contain.

And as a compromise, the UK had proposed to Kenya to implement rapid testing at airports to weed out fake or invalid travel certificates.

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