UN condemns killing of South Sudanese doctor

The UN has condemned last week’s killing of a South Sudanese doctor who worked for a US non-profit organisation in the oil-rich Unity state.

The doctor was killed inside a health facility in Ganyliel Payam in Panyijiar County. He worked for the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

His killing coincided with an attack on an IRC convoy by unknown gunmen on the outskirts of Guol village. Some 10 aid workers in the convoy managed to escape.

“I am appalled by this horrific news of another act of violence against humanitarians in South Sudan… He was a dedicated medical doctor. This is utterly unacceptable,” said UN Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan, Alain Noudéhou

“Attacks against civilians and clearly-identified humanitarian assets constitute a serious violation of international humanitarian law,” he added.

Earlier this month a Ugandan female aid worker was killed in Budi County in Eastern Equatoria State, bringing the number of aid workers killed in the country this year to two. Nine aid workers were killed last year.

A total of 126 aid workers, mostly South Sudanese, have been killed in the country since December 2013.

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