US veteran reflects on feeling of ‘betrayal’

US Air Force veteran Molly Mae Potter says watching the chaotic withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is like a gut punch.

She served there as a captain, and is shocked by the scenes of Afghans desperately trying to leave.

“I’m hurt, it’s re-traumatising. I have an absolutely sinking feeling of betrayal. These were our brothers and sisters in arms, “ says Molly, who now lives in Austin, Texas.

She worked with women and children in Afghanistan, trying to build trust between the US military and the Afghan community – so to see the Taliban confine women to their homes is especially upsetting for Molly.

“I’m scared for these women and children as the US programmes fall apart,” she told me.

Like other US veterans of the war in Afghanistan, Molly is now questioning the value of her own service and sacrifice.

“I came home with visible and invisible wounds. I lost my war with mental health at some points. And now I am waking up every day, thinking about Afghanistan.”

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