Vaccination queues as Uganda faces second Covid wave

Hundreds of people are queuing at Uganda’s health ministry offices to get vaccinated as the country enters its second wave of the pandemic.

Facilities are reportedly running out of doses by 13:00 local time.

Some social media users have also been sharing their experiences of going from facility to facility seeking to get vaccinated.

Director General of Health Services at the Health Ministry, Henry Mwebesa, said that it had taken less than 10 days for the second wave to reach full-blown pandemic level.

He also announced that vaccine doses will be withdrawn from rural health facilities and brought to the capital, Kampala, and surrounding districts where demand is high.

The country started Covid vaccinations in March after receiving 864,000 doses of AstraZeneca through the Covax facility.

Frontline workers such as healthcare providers, teachers, security forces and all people over 70 years of age were given first priority. The guidelines were later revised to include people aged 50 and over, but the public was largely reluctant to get the jab.

To date, just over 550,000 people have got the jab.

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