Verdict due in Hotel Rwanda hero’s case

A court in Rwanda is due to deliver its verdict in the case of the former hotel manager who’s credited with saving hundreds of people during the genocide in 1994.

Paul Rusesabagina – whose actions inspired the Hollywood movie Hotel Rwanda – has been charged with terrorism.

He faces a life sentence if convicted of the charges, which were brought after he became a critic of Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame.

Mr Rusesabagina was arrested last year after a plane bound for Burundi instead landed in the Rwandan capital, Kigali.

His daughter Carine Karimba told the BBC Newsday programme that they were not expecting justice from the court.

“We know that my father will be found guilty… We do not have any hope in the Rwandan justice system…Our hope is in international justice, the international community,” she said.

“My father has been treated unfairly. All of my father’s basic human rights have been violated… We knew that there would never be a fair trial for my father and now the world knows too,” she added.

Rwanda insists that Mr Rusesabagina is receiving a fair trial.

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