Wandering ostrich causes Cape Town traffic chaos

An ostrich on the loose caused chaos on a main road of the South African city of Cape Town on Wednesday, according to social media users.

Footage posted on Twitter shows the animal standing among the traffic and walking between lanes.

In one clip a car driver can be heard honking the horn, which eventually led to the big bird moving out of the way.

One driver interviewed by news24 spoke about how the animal reacted to what the drivers were doing.

“Yoh! those animals can run fast, and they make so much noise. When I hooted at it, it stuck its tongue out at me and started running,­” Ashraf Plaatjies said.

“When I started shouting at it to get out of the way, he made an annoying screeching sound and ran towards the M5 (highway),” he continued.

There are conflicting media reports about whether one or two ostriches were present – but an animal welfare charity confirmed to news24 it had only been informed of one.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA told the same website the ostrich was unharmed.

It is not clear where the ostrich came from

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