Zuma’s daughter hits back at Naomi Campbell

The daughter of South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma, Jabu, has hit out at British model Naomi Campbell who accused the leader of “stoking division”.

Campbell had said Zuma’s defiance to court orders and subsequent jailing had divided the country.

She said the unrest started by Zuma’s supporters had threatened Nelson Mandela’s vision for a prosperous South Africa.

Campbell’s open letter was published on her Instagram:

Jabu in her response said Campbell was “not qualified” to speak on Zuma’s affairs.

She said her father had sacrificed a lot for the country’s democracy.

“What you remember SA to be is not and has never been a reflection of the true SA,” Jabu wrote referring to Ms Campbell’s friendship with Mandela.

Jabu said the unrest after Zuma’s jailing was beyond her father.

She said South Africans were hungry and unemployed and blamed the administration of the current President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Jabu’s sister Dudu tweeted the reply to Campbell:

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